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Coatesville Orthodontic Solutions for Straighter Teeth

woman wearing glasses, smilingAchieving a straighter smile isn’t just great for self-confidence – it also benefits oral health and overall quality of life. Here in Coatesville, PA, our talented orthodontist Dr. Ronni Bruck is happy to offer both traditional braces and the more aesthetically friendly Invisalign treatment for patients suffering from gaps, misaligned teeth, overbite, and similar concerns. We’re dedicated to giving patients new reasons to smile! If you’re interested in undergoing orthodontic care, please contact Chester County Dental Arts today to schedule a consultation. Chester County Dental Arts welcomes patients from Modena, Sadsburryville and beyond!

Invisalign® Clear Braces

Traditional orthodontic care can be a big commitment, especially if you have to sacrifice a professional, polished image in the process. That’s one reason Dr. Simeone and Dr. Bruck may recommend Invisalign treatment as a more seamless alternative for adult patients. Invisalign doesn’t involve any brackets or wires – instead, it relies on a series of plastic aligners customized to your unique smile. Patients simply wear each set of trays as directed and attend regular check-ups so Dr. Simeone and Dr. Bruck can keep monitor your progress.

What are the Benefits of Getting Invisalign®?

There are many benefits associated with Invisalign treatment. The plastic aligners are completely clear, meaning most casual observers won’t realize you’re wearing them. They’re removable as well, which allows patients to maintain their current diet and oral hygiene routine without interruption. While traditional orthodontics typically require multiple years to be fully effective, Invisalign treatment is usually finished in just 8-18 months.

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Traditional Braces

Traditional braces offer patients durability and cost-effectiveness making them the right choice for many children, teenagers, and adults alike. They’re composed of silver brackets and metal wires that work together to move teeth towards their desired position. Advances in the orthodontic field have made this option smaller and sleeker than before, which reduces irritation and increases cosmetic quality. Patients will still likely experience some mild discomfort at the beginning of their treatment. As the mouth becomes accustomed to the braces, many patients are so used to them, they forget they are wearing them.

How are Traditional Braces Beneficial?

One fun benefit of traditional braces from Dr. Bruck is the use of colored elastics! These fit around the brackets and can be altered during appointments at Chester County Dental Arts allowing kids and teenagers to show off their personality. More neutral colors like white and gray are also available for adults who would like to maintain a subtler appearance.

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