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Metal Braces – Coatesville, PA

Correcting Bite Alignment for Healthy Smiles

Coatesville orthodontist Doctor Bruck

Welcome to our orthodontic office! You are now one step closer to the straight, beautiful smile you deserve.

Chester County Dental Arts is your home for orthodontic treatment in your neighborhood. Dr. Ronni Bruck brings 15 years of orthodontic experience right to you. Her comprehensive approach will give you or your family member a predictable outcome and a smile you can be proud of for a lifetime. Call our orthodontic office today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Bruck and see what orthodontic treatment with metal braces in Coatesville, PA can do for you!

Animated calendar with tooth We Help You Save Time

Our team can take care of dental cleanings and orthodontic adjustments at the same appointment, helping you get everything you need in just one visit!

Animated tooth with a royal crown Award-Winning Care

Our own Dr. Mark Simeone was voted by the readers of Suburban Life Magazine as one of the Top Dentists in the area!

Animated dental tools Sought After Expertise

Widely recognized for his skill and experience in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Simeone has made appearances on CBS 3, Fox29, and the E! Style Network.

Animated tooth inside a green circle Always Getting Better

Every member of our team attends multiple continuing education courses each year to stay on top of the latest advancements in dentistry.

Animated row of teeth with bracket and wire braces In-House Orthodontist

Board-certified orthodontist Dr. Ronni Bruck has been a member of our team since 2017. Thanks to her specialty training and years of experience, she’s able to provide a variety of treatments to help patients correct misaligned and gapped teeth as well as crooked bites. Here, patients can get traditional braces, clear/ceramic braces, and even sleek and discreet Invisalign.

Animated tooth inside of a shield Improve Your Appearance & Oral Health

When Dr. Simeone and Dr. Bruck straighten a patient’s teeth, they don’t just give them a more beautiful smile, but a healthier one as well! Properly spaced teeth experience less wear and tear as the years go by, plus they are much easier to clean while brushing and flossing, dramatically lowering someone’s risk for cavities and gum disease.

Animated chart with teeth on it Utilize the Latest Technology

The iTero intraoral scanner enables us to take extremely accurate bite impressions 100% digitally, meaning we DON’T make our patients bite down into odd-tasting dental putty. In just a few minutes, we can create the perfect impression the first time, every time.

Animated diamond GOLD Status Invisalign Providers

Both Dr. Simeone and Dr. Bruck are Gold Status Invisalign providers, which is a designation awarded by Invisalign to dentists who have completed several successful cases with the treatment. We’re extremely proud of this achievement!

How Do Traditional Braces Work?

Orthodontist adjusting patient's braces

Misaligned teeth can cause a range of oral health problems, and they may affect your facial aesthetics as well. Traditional braces aim to correct such issues via the use of a system of brackets and wires.

The brackets and wires are placed on the teeth, and small adjustments are made every 6 – 8 weeks or so in order to reposition the teeth. On average, treatment takes 18 – 36 months to complete; however, that time varies from person to person. After your braces are removed, you will need to wear a retainer to prevent your teeth from moving back into their previous places.

What Orthodontic Issues Can Braces Fix?

Woman in need of braces covering her smile

No matter if you have gapped, rotated, tilted, or overcrowded teeth, metal braces can offer a solution. They may even be able to align your bite to improve your oral function. During your consultation, our team will confirm that braces are a good fit for you before we get to work on your custom treatment plan.

Bite Misalignment

Illustration of significant overbite viewed from downward angle

Overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite are all common forms of malocclusions (bad bites). Braces can reposition your teeth, and with the help of accessories, they can also train your lower jaw to rest in the proper position. As a result, you may enjoy greatly improved oral function and a lower risk of TMJ disorder (TMD).

Crowded & Crooked Teeth

Illustration of crowded teeth in lower dental arch

When your teeth are crooked and crowded, it makes them more difficult to clean, increasing your risk for gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath, and other oral health issues. Braces can shift your teeth in a way that allows each of them to have the space it needs to function optimally.

Gapped Teeth

Gapped teeth with braces

Large gaps between the teeth can adversely affect your appearance, leave your gums vulnerable to harm, and make it more challenging to consume certain foods. Braces may be able to move your teeth closer together so you can enjoy an improved bite and a lower risk of future oral health problems.

Caring for Your Braces

Woman with braces, holding toothbrush

While your braces are in place, it is important to maintain your oral hygiene and attend regular appointments for checkups and adjustments. In addition, there are certain foods you will need to avoid in order to prevent damage to your teeth and the braces, like overly sticky foods and those that contain large amounts of sugar. When you first get your braces, our team will provide detailed instructions to help you enjoy successful and complication-free treatment.

Understanding the Cost of Traditional Braces

the cost of traditional braces in coatesvilleIt is natural to assume that all patients who receive traditional braces pay the same price, but the truth is that different factors make this type of orthodontic treatment more or less expensive for some. Once Dr. Bruck and our team can evaluate your smile and build a treatment plan that meets the demands of your smile, we will provide a clearer picture of how much you can expect it to cost. But our efforts don’t stop there, as members of our administrative team will be happy to discuss payment options to help you stay within budget.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Traditional Braces

a mouth with bracesAs part of your initial consultation with Dr. Bruck, you can expect that she will thoroughly examine your oral anatomy and build a plan that will bring your teeth and/or jaw into proper alignment. She will also compile various factors that will contribute to the cost estimate you will be provided with during your appointment. These might include:

  • Your age - The extent of treatment will likely be different depending on whether you are a teenager or an adult. (Adults have more established jawbones that are fully developed, which can require more time for proper movement).
  • The type of orthodontic problem that is present – Whether it is crooked or gapped teeth or a misalignment bite, the severity of the issue will be considered.
  • How long you’ll need braces – The timeline for treatment will ultimately be factored into the cost because of the necessary dental appointments required along the way.
  • Additional orthodontic appliances – If we find that you need a palate expander, rubber bands, headgear, or a retainer, this will be figured into the total amount.

Professional Braces vs. “DIY” Braces: Which Costs More?

young girl wearing metal bracesIf you are considering a do-it-yourself (DIY) solution for orthodontics, you may want to think twice. While there are plenty of them available on the market, luring patients into thinking that a straighter smile can be achieved without seeing an orthodontist or dentist, there are potential hazards that can occur along the way.

While you may save some money initially, you’ll likely need the help of a professional in the long run, which will only have you spending more. Some of the reasons to avoid DIY solutions include:

  • The lack of permanent results, as you may not be recommended for a retainer once treatment is finished. This can cause your teeth to shift back to their original position.
  • There is no professional oversight, so you may not be suitable for certain orthodontics, which can lead to tooth damage. Without seeing a professional, you may find that your smile ends up in worse shape than before.
  • Initial cost savings might sound like a good idea; however, if problems develop, you’ll end up spending more allowing a professional to address the issue.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Traditional Braces?

man on laptop looking at dental insuranceNo two dental insurance policies are the same, so you’ll need to check your plan to see whether they offer coverage. Many companies require that you purchase a separate plan to cover orthodontics. If this is the situation you find yourself in, make sure to read the exclusions, as some insurers will only agree to pay for patients under a certain age or who are receiving a certain type of braces.

Generally, traditional metal brackets and wires are a form of treatment that many plans will cover partially or in full.

Options for Making Traditional Braces Affordable

man visiting with dentist about payment options for bracesApart from traditional dental insurance, our team at Chester County Dental Arts is pleased to make orthodontic treatment an affordable option for our patients. We do this by partnering with CareCredit, Lending Club, and Lending Point. With low and no-interest payment plans, you can align your budget with one of their available plans so that you can pay off your treatment over time instead of all upfront.

Also, we are pleased to offer a special offer to our patients. Right now, you can get $500 off traditional braces. You can also have your payments lowered to $90 per month if you qualify!

Get Started Today

Young woman with braces pointing to her smile

If you are ready to get a straight, healthy smile to restore your confidence, it is time to see if metal braces are the right option for you. Dr. Ronni Bruck will create a customized treatment plan to help you start your journey to a straight smile.

Contact Chester County Dental Arts today to schedule your orthodontic consultation.

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